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蔡鹏Cai Peng
年份:2015年入会电话:+86 186-1160-1642
Cai Peng is a Beijing based Designer, Typographer, and Creative Director. In 2006 he graduated from Beijing University of Technology Institute of Art and Design, major in visual communication design.His work has been recognized by The Tokyo TDC, The BJDW, AIGA, Hiii Typography, UK Guardian, Viction:ary, Hightone, Gallery Magazine, and idN™ Magazine. In 2013 he established his own lab.Choi-system Studio. He is currently focused on the design and research of graphics and fonts.

lab.choi-system been committed to testing and research font typography, graphics, printing field. And adhere to convey artistic font design possibilities and visual information. We hope it is a new concept there open platform design inference by way of showing others thought processes, artistic concepts, or social discovery, and to explore the relationship between the value of different cultural environments or re-definition. Approach to information visualization to present. In addition, we are also involved in commercial areas, a full range of integrated brand agency. Uphold the balance of art features and business value, and long-term cooperation with publishers and retailers, serving overseas projects, independent media organizations, brands and cultural activities. Design and production of related publications. We always need a different voice, and thinking about the future.